Items needed in the Temple

Dear All,

     We need the following items on the daily basis or frequently. You can donate these items to the temple to help us out. 

Kitchen Items

Temple Kitchen cook food for the devotees on regular basis. We need the following items in the kitchen.

  Item  Notes
*  Sunflower Oil  20L/10L/5L 
*  Rice  Any size Bag
*  Flour   Any size Bag


Cleaning Items

We also need to care about hygiene in the temple kitchen, Temple Hall, Community Halls and toilets.

   Item Notes
 *  Surface Cleaners  
 *  Window Cleaners  
 *  Surface Cleaning Wipes  The big packs are preferable
*  Toilet Rolls  
 *  Kitchen Rolls  


Sponsor Big Items  

You can sponsor following items in full/partly/single 

   Item Number notes
*  Folding Tables 10  We need to replace tables in the Community Hall to utilize space 
 * Stackable Chairs 200  We need to replace Chairs as well to utilize space
* cordless microphones 2 We need a couple of Wireless microphones to use in the Temple Hall as well as Community Hall
* Speakers 4 We would like to get new speakers for Temple Hall and install existing Speakers in the Community Hall

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