Krishna was a dynamic incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was an Avtar. Krishna brought about a profound and powerful influence upon Indian thought and life. Krishna in Sanskrit means dark which stands for the inner Atman that is unknown to man. Krishna was born in Mathura. His uncle Kansa was a tyrant, who imprisoned Krishna's father and usurped the throne of Mathura. 

Krishna is often represented as playing a flute. The enchanting music from the flute of the Lord is the bliss of Godhood enjoyed by the man of Realization. The milkmaids of Vrindaran were called gopis. They were enchanted by the divine music flowing out of Krishna's flute. They danced in their ecstasy around Krishna. The dance is called rasa-leela. Krishna represents Atman, pure consciousness while gopis represents thoughts. Atman in man is the enlivening factor by which he becomes conscious of his thought. Thoughts by themselves are insentient. In the presence of Consciousness thoughts gain sentience or consciousness. Thoughts dance around the Atman but the Atman is ever immaculate. It is unaffected by the thoughts around it. So is Krishna pure and immaculate,  detached and unaffected by the dancing gopis. 

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