Hindu Devotional

  1. Puri Jagannath Temple is a famous pilgrimage for Hindu devotees and a popular tourist center. It is considered as one of the mysterious temple in India due to some facts that dont have any scientific explantions. Mysteric Facts about the temple are listed below: 1) Temple flag always floats in opposite direction of the wind. 2) Flag is changed everyday by the priest. He climbs the dome of the
  2. Bagalamukhi according to hinudism is one of the ten mahavidhyas. The goddess has 108 names and is yellow/golden color. It is believed that the Devi smashes the devotees's enemies with her cudgel. Bagalamukhi Mantra is a very powerful mantra devotees chant to win over their enemies. This mantra provide complete protection for the devotees and helps in attaining prosperity. Mata Bagalamukhi
  3. January 12, Saturday - Skanda Sashti February 10, Sunday - Skanda Sashti March 12, Tuesday - Skanda Sashti April 10, Wednesday - Skanda Sashti May 10, Friday - Skanda Sashti June 8, Saturday - Skanda Sashti July 7, Sunday - Skanda Sashti August 5, Monday - Skanda Sashti September 4, Wednesday - Skanda Sashti Otober 3, Thursday - Skanda Sashti November 2, Saturday - Soora Samharam December 2,
  4. Hindu God Mahadev, the creator of the entire universe is widely regarded as the beginning and end of each and every creation. Chanting Shiva Panchankshari Mantra has the power to overcome all the fears in life. One who chant shiv manthra with dedication its sure he will success and prosperity in each step of his life. The Panchakshara meaning 5 letters - Na, Ma, Si, Va and Ya. It can be chanted
  5. Pavadisu Paramathma Kannada Lyrics is taken from Sri Srinivasa Kalyana movie released in 1974. This is a mythological film based on Lord Venkateswara directed by Vijay and starring Dr Rajkumar, B Sarojadevi. Pavadisu Paramatma Sri Venkatesha Kannada Lyrics Pavadisu Paramatma Sri Venkatesha manavemba malligeya hova hasige mele pavadisu paramatma sri venkatesha.. saptagirivasa.. (Raamanige

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